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Meet Benny Ulloa

With over 20 years experience in the restaurant industry, Mr. Ulloa has opened up over 20 restaurants throughout his career, including the Cinco de Mayo restaurant chain in North and South Carolina and he is the originator and owner of UC Hospitality Group, UC Management LLC, Emiliano's Mexican Restaurant (with 6 locations throughout the Pittsburgh and surrounding area), owner of Tres Rios Mexican Kitchen and Tequila Bar (Southside, Pittsburgh) and owner of UC Realty LLC (currently consisting of 14 rental and investment properties throughout the Pittsburgh area).

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Rising from Hard Beginnings: Mexican Immigrant Benny Ulloa Scales Family Business into a Multi-unit Restaurant Chain

Given the right amount of dedication, perseverance, and passion, almost anyone can carve a niche for themselves and build a path towards success. After all, victories are better achieved when one ultimately sets their eyes on the prize. However, success does not happen overnight. Instead, it is a long and arduous process that requires a success-enabling disposition and the resilience and patience to stay in the game, no matter how difficult the path may become. This journey is familiar to serial entrepreneur and restaurnateur Benny Ulloa. 

Hailing from Mexico, Benny Ulloa is a visionary who has been able to take advantage of American opportunities to scale his family’s over-four-decades-old Mexican restaurant business into a multi-million dollar corporation. Growing up in a family of entrepreneurs, Benny was surrounded by people with great work tactics that have been handed down from generation to generation.

However, rather than settle into his position as the heir to a successful venture, Benny understood that the possibility of growth was limitless. So he took a futuristic approach to garner knowledge and skills that earmark him as a connoisseur in the food industry. With over twenty years of experience in the food industry, Benny Ulloa has founded over twenty restaurants throughout his career. 

Additionally, this trailblazing entrepreneur is the originator and owner of UC Hospitality Group, UC Management LLC, Emiliano’s Mexican Restaurant, with six locations throughout Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas with plans to launch more locations through the Northeast. He is also the owner of UC Realty LLC—a real estate company currently consisting of forty rentals and investment properties throughout the Pittsburgh area.

After successfully dominating the Mexican food industry, Benny has now diversified his business to include commercial real estate, a luxury car rental business, and talent recruitment agencies, UC Entertainment LLC and d/b/a Elite Entertainment tasked with bringing talented musical artists to Pittsburgh.

Benny attributes his resilient spirit and entrepreneurial skills to his family for teaching him the intricacies of running a successful enterprise, which have helped him develop his character and willingness never to quit. He now applies this winning principle to help aspiring artists get stellar results in their endeavors.

In an interview, Benny shared the motivation behind his brand. He said, “I wanted to be a role model to entrepreneurs and youth, who have looked at inspiration from the wrong outlets over the years. I want to show positivity, light, love, and shed light on the family, inspiring them that reaching your goals takes hard work and effort and choosing trustworthy partnerships.”

In the coming years, Benny Ulloa wants to continue expanding his brand nationwide while inspiring other young people to aim high and reach for their dreams regardless of the challenges.

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