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When it comes to success in business, especially in a cutthroat one like the hospitality industry, there are a series of ordered steps in addition to hard work and discipline. The hospitality industry has been led by one figure, Benny Ulloa, for almost two decades and he has achieved virtually every success principle mentioned above.

With the string of businesses he has founded, Benny Ulloa is certified as a high achiever and is proof that anybody can achieve success in business if they do not give up. He has opened more than twenty restaurant locations.

 He also owns a few other companies such as UC Hospitality Group and UC Management Group, in addition to Emiliano’s Mexican Restaurant, which has six locations across Pittsburgh as well as in the surrounding areas. Delving out of hospitality, he founded UC Realty, which has twenty rental and investment properties all over the Pittsburgh area in its portfolio. UC Entertainment LLC, which conducts business under the name UC Entertainment, is an entity within Elite Entertainment, which represents musicians across a variety of genres who need management to break into the elite entertainment industry. Among his multiple businesses is the rental of high-end cars, which is also owned by his firm, Regal MotorSports LLC.

Ulloa is passionate about providing better customer service to his customers, and that is reflected in the broad range of services that his companies provide. Since all his businesses are geared toward creating value, his keen eye for business opportunities has been developed as a result of his astuteness in business. Beyond serving customers, he enjoys building ventures that help other people achieve their dreams, from providing employment opportunities to helping others grow in their fields.

His motivation comes from seeing the number of businesses struggling to stay afloat and the numerous ways business operations in multiple industries can be improved. He hopes to connect with more people in the business community and keep making giant strides as a business owner. His goals for the next few years, his goals are to launch more successful ventures and keep growing in multiple industries. He also plans to diversify into more industries and market segmentations and prove that success in multiple businesses is not a myth.

Benny Ulloa has remained laser-focused for the past two decades on success. He has done everything possible to achieve his business goal and opened a pipeline for others to crawl through. He firmly believes that everyone can win as long as they put in some effort and stay committed to a focused goal.

“The business world is a tough place, and the fear many people have is palpable. We’ve all seen the ease with which businesses fold up, but none of that is enough reason not to try. If you fail, you try again, and as you go on, you figure out those strategies that work. We have tried it with many businesses and hope to keep trying with more,” Benny said.


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